TCS Written Exam Preparation Tips

TCS Written Exam Preparation Tips

TCS Written Exam Preparation Tips

How to prepare for TCS Written exam?

There are Two parts in TCS Written exam:

 (a) Verbal Section
(b) Numerical Aptitude Section

Verbal Section:

Verbal Section is the email writing section. This section usually contains a Email writing question, Letter Writing Question or Report Writing. The Questions are randomly generated by the server. The duration for this part is 10 minutes and after the time , the section terminates automatically and does not wait.
The Verbal Section gives the candidates some words and a scenario. Based on the scenario the candidate should write a letter/email/report(based on the question) using all the words mentioned within the given time.
How to clear it?
This section is easier when compared to Numerical Section. The rules to clear the section is
(a) use all the words mentioned in given order
(b) Write the email/letter/report (based on the question) with more than 50 words
(c) The section has to be completed before 10 minutes

Tips to clear the section:

# Just use all the words given in the same order
# Write the section with atleast 60 or 70 words.
# Don’t make any Punctuation mistakes , spelling mistakes.
# Use Simple English to write. This is enough for this section.

The Server checks whether you have used all the words in the same order ,whether you have done any spelling , grammatical or punctuation mistake and whether you have used more than 50 words.
So by just following the tips u can easily clear the section.
Don’t forget to finish and submit the section within 10 mins. Even without submitting,the section gets automatically submitted after 10 minutes. But try to finish it before it so you can check once.

Numerical Section:

Numerical Section  is the Second Section in Written Exam. The Numerical section includes the quantitative ability Questions. This is one of the difficult sections and it needs good preparation to clear it.

Numerical Section- Syllabus

Linear Equation
Permutation & combinations
C.I & S.I.
A.P &  G.P.
Quadratic Equation
Time & Distance
Time & work

And includes many other sections of this type.

Tips to Prepare:

# First Master the basics of the Quants using books like R.S.Aggarwal , Arun Sharma
# Then Start practising the TCS previous paper questions.
# Make a note of all the formulas as you read, a short glance at the last time will be useful.

Note: First finish the problem then check the answers with the options, this method will surely give the correct  answer. If the answer is wrong, Check the steps; If steps are correct but the answer is not in the option then it is a Dummy Question , Dont attend it.

Two important things to be noted:
# Dummy question: The answer will not be in the options. Better avoid this question, cos attending this question will reduce your total mark to zero
# Star Question : The marks awarded for this question is more than the other questions. Always try to attend it.

I have attached a set of previous TCS questions along with this article. Try to answer these questions.

If you have any Doubts or more tips comment below.

Click Here to download TCS Written exam Questions


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