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UPTU 3rd Semester Previous Year Papers

Previous year question paper for third semester UPTU are available here. From second year all branches go in their respective direction so previous papers are given below according to respective branches.

Since you all are familiar with the format and types of questions in examination, so some tips can help you polish your way of attempting your paper.

Few tips are listed below;

  1. When you attempt any question in paper do remember to mention its section it belongs to.
  2. While writing your answers try to stick to word limit according to the marks.
  3. Try to illustrate your answers with the help of diagrams, graphs, equations etc.
  4. Do remember that write what you are sure of because useless things sometimes irritate the examiners which affects your marks.

With these tips we hope you will score even better in this semester. The UPTU papers for practice are given below because previous year paper helps to become better.


This Description is Written By Sonali Tyagigbtu_lucknow

Download here UPTU Previous Year paper

Analog electronics 2010-2011   Analog electronics 2011-2012

Basic System Analysis 2009-2010 Basic System Analysis 2010-2011

Building Materials Construction 2010-2011

Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques 2009-2010

Data Structures using C 2009-2010 Data structures Using C 2010-2011

Digital Electronics 2009-2010 Digital Electronics 2011-2012

Digital Logic Design 2010-2011 Digital Logic Design 2011-2012

Discrete Mathematics 2010-2011 Discrete Mathematics 2011-2012

Discrete Mathematics Structure 2009-2010   Discrete mathematics structure 2011-2012

Discrete Strucutres 2008-2009

Fundamental of Network Analysis and Synthesis 2010-2011  Fundamental of Network Analysis and Synthesis 2011-2012  Human Values and Professional Ethics 2010-2011

Human Values and Professional Ethics 2011-2012 Industrial Psychology 2010-2011

Industrial Psychology 2011-2012 Laser Systems & Applications 2011-2012

Materials Science in Engineering 2010-2011

Materials Science in Engineering 2011-2012

Mathematics – III 2009-2010  Maths III 2010-2011

Fundamental of Network Analysis and Synthesis 2010-2011 Fundamental of Network Analysis and Synthesis 2011-2012

Human Values and Professional Ethics 2010-2011 Human Values and Professional Ethics 2011-2012

Industrial Psychology 2010-2011  Industrial Psychology 2011-2012

Laser Systems & Applications 2011-2012

Materials Science in Engineering 2010-2011  Materials Science in Engineering 2011-2012

Mathematics – III 2009-2010  Maths III 2010-2011 Maths III 2011-2012

Nano Sciences 2011-2012

Object Oriented System 2010-11

Power Systems and Operation Control 2011-12

Solid State Devices and Circuits 2008-09

Switching Theory 2009-10

Strength of Materials 2010-11  Strength of Materials 2011-12

Surveying -1 2010-11  Surveying -1 2011-12

Thermal and Hydraulic Machines 2010-11 Thermal and Hydraulic Machines 2011-12

Thermodynamics 2009-2010  Thermodynamics 2010-11  Thermodynamics 2011-12


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